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Episode 25: Black Scorpion

Originally Posted: 6/15/12 as part of Paint It Black Month!

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This time, Bobcat and Burkion, with guest star Legend Maker, look at the Sci-Fi (before they were SyFy) channel superhero show, Black Scorpion.

Episode 24: Black Heaven

Originally Posted: 6/9/2012 as part of Paint It Black Month!

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One man. One flying V guitar. Two women. The fate of the galaxy. Oh yeah. This classic Geneon series is awesome… on paper. But did that awesomeness translate to celluloid? Watch to find out!

Episode 23: Black Blood Brothers

Originally Posted: 6/1/2012 as part of Paint It Black Month!

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In Black Blood Brothers, we see what happens when a writer creates a series using the Mad Lib Method. I’ve used it myself. Is Black Blood Brothers better than that time I wrote the story about Butthead, the legendary roadkill warrior who had to rescue his iguana Steve from the evil Green Party Zombies? You’ll just have to watch the review to find out.

Episode 22: Moribito, Guardian of the Spirit

Originally Posted: 5/24/12

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This week, special guest star Space Wizard Tom comes on to discuss Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit. In an Asian flavored fantasy world, a spear maiden must protect a young prince marked for death. So was it great, or more the anime equivalent of a video game escort mission? Psht, like we’re going to tell you in the description. Watch the video, silly.

Episode 21: Dragonaut: The Resonance

Originally Posted: 5/19/12

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In our first request from Angel of the Wolf (who is very patient considering that she gave us about 20 suggestions more than a month ago and this is the first one we’re getting to), we take a look at Dragonaut: The Resonance. Robot Dragons From Outer Space! What could possibly go wrong?