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Episode 3: Heat Guy J


Originally Posted: 1/15/12

Bobcat and Burkion return to review the sci-fi series Heat Guy J, from the creator of The Vision of Escaflowne. In a distant(?) future, an android named J fights crime. Did we like it, or were we left cold?


Episode 1: Baka and Test

Hello World! We’re the Five Point Podcast, version 2.0! We’ll have a proper website design and introduction for ourselves shortly, but first off, I’m making sure I have this whole RSS feed thing done properly. So please enjoy our first ever episode, Baka and Test!

Download Episode 1: Baka and Test

Originally Posted: 12/11/11

In the inaugural episode of our series, Bobcat and Burkion review the anime Baka and Test!  This is the tale of Yoshi, a young Japanese student at a school that’s turned tests into a competitive video game!  Does it pass with flying colors, or does it need to see us after school?  You’d better take notes, there will be a short quiz afterwards!