About Us

Okay, we haven’t really been asked ALL of these questions, but these are the answers to the hypothetical questions an interested party might ask.

1) Who are you people and what is this website about?

The Five Point Podcast is a two man (or occasionally three man show when we have guests) collaboration between Bobcat and Burkion. In each podcast, the two watch the first three episodes of a show we haven’t seen before to give a from the gut first reaction review to ask the big questions, such as, “Did we like this show,” “What did we like about this main character,” “Do we want to keep watching,” and “Why is every show we do about dragons terrible?” The name of the show comes from the format that Bobcat and Burkion came up with to try and give the reviews coherence. In Series 1 (more on what that means below), the points were:

1) First Impressions
2) Story
3) Characters
4) Presentation (animation, voice acting, music, etc)
5) Final Thoughts

New reviews have a modified version that we think will help keep things streamlined and logical:

1) First Impressions
2) Premise
3) Story and Characters
4) Production (same as presentation, but with a better name)
5) Final Thoughts

2) What are your roles in the show?

Bobcat does the editing, manages the website, writes the posts for social media and handles the ad programs. Burkion raises indignant rage to an art form.

3) Why do you review anime?

We got into reviewing anime almost by accident; the original plan had been to cast a wider review net, but we decided that after reviewing four or so anime in a row that sticking with a single genre would be the best. Given our “wonderful” track record with the occasional live action review, this was a good choice.

4) In the newer stuff, I’ve seen you refer to “Series 1” and “Series 2.” What’s up with that?

The series can be seen as having two main series. The first lasted from December 2011 to May 2013. At that point, personal and professional concerns kept both of us too busy to record properly. Things have improved, so we decided to get back into the swing of things. The new age will begin whenever our new reviews start coming out, which will be sometime this summer. The format is slightly modified, but the overall strategy remains the same.

5) Can we request reviews?

We’ll get back to you on that. On the old series, we had an enormous backlog mostly supplied by two or three people making twenty requests at a time. This time, we want a little more control over what we do when. There will probably be a way to do it, but don’t start flooding us with requests yet.

6) Can I guest star?

Sure! We’ll need to work out some details, and it may not be right away, but drop us a line. Here’s the things to keep in mind: make sure you request to join us on a show a show that you haven’t seen before, since the idea that this is a first impression review. So if, say, Trigun is your absolute favorite ever… we won’t be having you on to review it.

7) Why do you have an app for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8? Will you be developing for Android/iPhone/iPad/Kindle/Blackberry? (Note: app still in development, needs to be vetted/put into the Windows Store).

Well, Bobcat and Burkion both happen to have Windows Phones, and Bobcat’s had a Surface of some variety since its launch in 2012. Bobcat, who made the app, is a bit biased. On a more practical level, though, neither Bobcat nor Burkion are programmers and Microsoft has made it insanely easy to make the sort of app that is perfect for a podcast like us. If you’re interested in playing around with those tools, you can check out http://appstudio.windows.com/?stay=1.

As for why we don’t develop for the more popular mobile platforms? When Apple makes it possible to develop iOS apps without owning a Macintosh computer, and Google makes a similar, easy to use service as Microsoft has, then we’ll gladly come out with such an app. For the time being, though, other mobile users will just have to use their web browser.

Incidentally, if anyone can point us to such an Android or iOS (or heck, even Blackberry) development resource that doesn’t cost a lot of money, we’ll gladly look into it.

8) Are you two as handsome as you sound over the internet?

Yes, yes we are.


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