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Episode 25: Black Scorpion

Originally Posted: 6/15/12 as part of Paint It Black Month!

Download Link: http://1drv.ms/1kZOdgt

This time, Bobcat and Burkion, with guest star Legend Maker, look at the Sci-Fi (before they were SyFy) channel superhero show, Black Scorpion.


Episode 14: Misfits

Originally Posted: 4/1/2012

Download Link I GUESS: http://1drv.ms/1rDufNs

Once upon a time many years ago two sad, unsuspecting men decided to do an April Fools Joke on the internet.

As it turns out, to quote the greatest modern day poet of our era, Tommy Wiseau

“We were the fools.”

There is no joy in this review.

Only hate.

This Show Is Awful