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Videos with Things I Inflicted on Paranormal Rob

It occurs to me that, as we go into the official start of the Hiatus, there are two videos that the Five Point Podcast was involved with that DIDN’T ever get posted here. Well, indirectly involved with. See, our multiple-time guest star, Rob the Wonderful, has actually reviewed three shows that donated to him by me (Bobcat). And since we like it when Rob gets views, I’m putting ’em here. Enjoy!


Five Point Podcast Episode 58: Astro Boy (2009), Featuring Paranormal Rob

Download Video Link: http://1drv.ms/1vC13nF

For more of Rob, go to http://www.planet-rob.com

Remember how for a couple of years, Hollywood tried to remake various anime, and they all bombed horribly?

Yeah, this is one of ’em.

Episode 37: Princess Tutu

Originally Posted: 10/22/2012

Download Link: http://1drv.ms/U0EGf9

Having two jobs sucks… anyway, a week late, here’s Princess Tutu, featuring Paranormal Rob! You should totally check out his website (www.planet-rob.com), watch his vids and buy his swag.

In a world where the barrier between reality and fiction, one girl must save the day with ballet. She fights anteaters, gravity and delusional restaurateurs, while trying to start a relationship with an emotionless boy who already has an abusive boyfriend. Also the girl is a duck.

I am not making this up. To learn more, you’ll just have to watch.

Episode 20: Apocalypse Zero

Originally Posted: 5/11/2012

Download Link: http://1drv.ms/1koQXFb

For more of Rob, go to http://www.planet-rob.com.

We’ve had series recommended to us for a number of reasons. This is the first that was specifically asked of us because of how bad it was. Thanks a lot, SpacemanHardy. On the plus side, it gave us an excuse to bring in reinforcements, in the form of Paranormal Rob.