The Business of Video Hosting

Bobcat here. Welp, looks like we got axed. sent us a lovely little e-mail message today informing us that after two and a half years of membership, they’re terminating our account. This is a shame, as we were actually fairly close to actually getting an ad payout for the first time ever, but whatever. My understanding is that they’ve been bought out by someone and they really wanted to weed out the small fry, and we’ve definitely always been small fry.

What does this mean for the viewers? Surprisingly little, and it may actually make life better. You see, this wasn’t Blip’s first brush with being uncool. While we were on hiatus, they stopped uploading videos automatically to iTunes and shut down our access to the RSS feed while I wasn’t paying attention, which means that the 51 episodes out there are pretty much orphans with no way to touch them. Now this lights a fire under me to get a new iTunes Podcast page set up since, unless I miss my guess, when the blip Five Point Podcast page goes dark on September 1st, the now locked down RSS feed vanishes too. I’d already been in the process of uploading all of our old videos to YouTube and now Dailymotion.

Why does this make life better? Because in my experience, Blip has been consistently bad at being available on mobile platforms- I’ve had several smartphones and I’ve never been able to view Blip vids on any of them. I’d even been considering having the ad-free YouTube vids underneath the Blip vids on the new website just to give poor mobile viewers a chance. Now, however, I have no excuse to keep using Blip, so now you’ll see Dailymotion vids on our website.

The one really annoying thing is that we had formerly distributed our wares far and wide on pages like That Guy with the Glasses and other sites for aspiring reviewers. I’m going to have to track down those episodes and update them with whatever we upload. Joy of joys; it’s been slow going getting this site up and running and resetting the YouTube page as it was.

Ah well. Onward we go, for the snark must flow.

Episode 5: Gravitation

Download Link:

Originally Posted 1/29/12

In this episode, Bobcat and Burkion tackle a shounen ai show. Gravitation is the story of two young men trying to make it in the cutthroat world of J-Pop, and the budding (?) romance between one of the band members and an emotionally distant and abusive novelist. Did this series draw us in, or did it plummet to Earth at a rate of 9.8 meters per second squared?

Episode 4: Tales From Earthsea

Originally Posted: 1/22/12

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Oh boy! A studio Ghibli movie based on the famous and beloved Earthsea fantasy series. Is this meeting of two great things like chocolate and peanut butter, or chocolate with battery acid?

… well, the fact that it got a mere 46% on Rotten Tomatoes and won two Japanese Raspberry Awards for Worst Director and Worst Movie should give you some idea. How did such a great combination go so wrong? Watch to find out!

Episode 1: Baka and Test

Hello World! We’re the Five Point Podcast, version 2.0! We’ll have a proper website design and introduction for ourselves shortly, but first off, I’m making sure I have this whole RSS feed thing done properly. So please enjoy our first ever episode, Baka and Test!

Download Episode 1: Baka and Test

Originally Posted: 12/11/11

In the inaugural episode of our series, Bobcat and Burkion review the anime Baka and Test!  This is the tale of Yoshi, a young Japanese student at a school that’s turned tests into a competitive video game!  Does it pass with flying colors, or does it need to see us after school?  You’d better take notes, there will be a short quiz afterwards!