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Five Point Podcast Episode 58: Astro Boy (2009), Featuring Paranormal Rob

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For more of Rob, go to

Remember how for a couple of years, Hollywood tried to remake various anime, and they all bombed horribly?

Yeah, this is one of ’em.

Episode 57: Kill La Kill (With Brainchild)

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Recipe for a podcast: take two cohosts, remove one, add one guest star, then add one ridiculously epic anime. Bake for half an hour at 300 degrees, serves eight.

For more of Brainchild, go to and

Blip-pocalypse Update

Well, it looks like the Five Point Podcast Blip page has been taken down. Along with some others that I wasn’t expecting… I’ve gotten a redirect on sfdebris, which makes me nervous though his stuff his still working, Paranormal Rob’s page is also gone, and so is Cinematic Excrement… who I don’t recall ever saying anything about being on Blip’s cut list.

Schedule Change and Announcements

Hi team, Bobcat here. I have a couple of bits of news.

First, just to officially lay out our schedule (may not have done that) we post every other Tuesday. Most likely, the episode will be up sometime the preceding weekend, but we aim to have it up Tuesday at the latest.

Also, Bobcat got a job! This means that we’ll be sticking to an every-other week schedule for the foreseeable future.

Finally, I need to announce a schedule change. Burkion’s computer has given up the ghost. As a result, Dragon Month is being punted down to October, and September is going to feature Me (Bobcat) alone with guest stars. Who are they? Well, I’m still working out some stuff, but sufficed to say that one is a WONDERFUL guest who has been on twice and has a PLANET full of talent that he must have ROBBED from somewhere. Also, SUBTLE HINT. The other… well, that I’ll actually keep secret because that’s still being worked out.

Bobcat out.

Episode 55: Yamada’s First Time

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Our wonderful guest star, Brainchild, can be found here: and here: Check her out. She’s fun and classy.

Oh great, an anime about a popular, attractive girl who wants to have sex with some unworthy schlub with no real personality! This is gonna be terrible! Ugh, Japan, come up with a unique idea!

… wait, the girl is the main character?

You’ve redeemed yourself, Japan!