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Episode 33: Gun X Sword

Originally Posted: 8/25/2012

Download Link:

Firstly, some apologies for the wonky audio. There were issues with the recording that weren’t noticed until too late.

In a world where anime studios have run out of ideas, one man, Vann the Stampede, comes to show us why everyone shudders at the name Gary Stu.

Episode 32: Hell Girl

Originally Posted: 8/17/2012

Download Link:

Hark, an update! Yes, after many computer problem’s on Bobcat’s end, we finally have an episode up. Not Legend of Korra, sadly (that will have to wait to see if that file can be saved), but it’s Hell Girl, so… yay?

Guest Starring Stephanie from Lilac Anime Reviews. Go visit her. NOW, I SAY.