Episode 55: Yamada’s First Time

Download Link: http://1drv.ms/1nEjiTZ

Our wonderful guest star, Brainchild, can be found here: http://mangatestdrive.blogspot.com/ and here: http://www.infiniterainyday.blogspot.com/. Check her out. She’s fun and classy.

Oh great, an anime about a popular, attractive girl who wants to have sex with some unworthy schlub with no real personality! This is gonna be terrible! Ugh, Japan, come up with a unique idea!

… wait, the girl is the main character?

You’ve redeemed yourself, Japan!


2 thoughts on “Episode 55: Yamada’s First Time”

  1. I watched it at random on Netflix. Summary seemed amusing for at least one episode. Found I rather enjoyed it a bit and watched the whole show. I liked for how ostensibly sex crazed Yamada was she more or less had no idea how to even begin and seemed to learn that actually having a relationship outside of sex is more important.

    So in the end funny and Yamada isn’t grating like your typical sex obsessed teenager (male or female).


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